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The Robin Makes A Laughing Sound: A Birder’s Journal

Charlesbridge, 2010

Whatever the season, it’s time to write, sketch, paint! At first glance this is a book about bird identification and behavior. But look more carefully: journaling helps us observe, think, evaluate, record, and create.

An NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book

Truck Stuck

Illustrated by Andy Robert Davies, Charlesbridge, 2008

Children and grownups have different reactions to the pile up of many vehicles inconvenienced by a truck stuck under the viaduct. Two resourceful children manage to turn this disruption into a business opportunity before they solve the problem. As one reviewer noted, you have to love a book that rhymes excavator with exterminator.

2014 Illinois Reads Choice of the Illinois Reading Council

Peter's Trucks

Illustrated by Cat Bowman Smith. Originally published by Albert Whitman, Peter's Trucks is now available as a print on demand hardcover or paperback through

Peter is a boy who loves trucks. He finds trucks wherever he goes and asks the drivers about the contents of each truck.

2016 Illinois Reads Choice of the Illinois Reading Council